Symbiofarm is a rapidly developing company based exclusively on Polish capital. We specialise in dietary supplement manufacturing and packaging. Our offer includes the manufacturing of supplements in the form of hard and soft gelatin capsules, tablets, powders, as well as liquids and semi-liquids.


Ikona struktury molekularnej


The complex services we provide to you under our cooperation range from the preparation of a dossier to the development of technology and manufacturing method.

Ikona notatnika


The manufacturing methods we employ use resources of the highest quality. Owing to our continuously upgraded systems, we are able to guarantee safe and effective products. As a result, our dietary supplements comply with the strictest quality stand

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Our employees are constantly improving their competences to ensure the best professional service. We cooperate with numerous pharmaceutical companies from Poland and abroad.


Contract manufacturing only.

Through our cooperation, we will provide you with our range of services. We will create a new brand, an original formula and a complete dossier. Developing the technology and managing the process of manufacturing and packaging also fall within the scope of our operations. You can rely on our professional assistance and consulting at each stage. Contact us and find out more about our innovative ideas.



Dietary supplement manufacturing is a complex process comprising several stages. Each stage requires professional knowledge and experience, which our company has been gathering for years. Your instructions are our priority, so we can end our work at any stage, if need be. When working with us, you can be sure that confidentiality of information is maintained. Each commission is different, therefore, our approach is always personalised.

Ikona struktury molekularnej


The first stage involves detailed product design, which means choosing the resources and ingredients, the packaging method and the form of the product (hard or soft gelatin capsules, tablets, packets, liquid or semi-liquid). The scope of activities will be discussed under the scope our cooperation

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Our modern technological facilities, which enable the manufacturing of high quality supplements and medicinal products, are at your disposal. The resources we use come from verified suppliers. All activities at this stage are conducted with the utmost care to ensure the highest possible quality of the product.

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At this stage, the right selection of packaging made at the first stage is a key factor. Our offer encompasses a wide selection of packaging, which are adjustable depending on the type of the supplement or medicinal product

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Dietary supplement labelling provides necessary information about a medicine in a comprehensible form. This stage requires knowledge of the appropriate methods of labelling defined by strict regulations.

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To ensure professional service, our offer includes additional services which complement the supplement manufacturing process. On request, the process may be optimised to include supplementary stages.

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+48 17 277 13 30
+48 17 276 46 06

38-100 Strzyżów ul. Spółdzielcza 1
+48 17 276 41 12

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Symbiofarm Sp. z o.o.
Nowa Wieś 160, 38-120 Czudec

Tax ID Number : 819 166 18 79
REGON : 180755322
Registered in the District Court
in Rzeszów, XII Commercial Division, entry no.
KRS : 0000393033

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